Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Castle Casino Club

Many nights after working in the Dolphin, Jimmy and I would go to perform at the Castle Casino Club on the promenade just north of Blackpool.
This photo was on new years eve, 1967, I believe. Jimmy is barely discernable because of the flash from the mirror at the back of the stage. I've no idea who the lady is at the right hand side.
The chef in the kitchen was Hungarian. He fled in the soviet invasion of 1956. I remember seeing him break the shells of four eggs at a time and drop the yokes in the pan without any shell. I was told the building was originally supposed to have been owned by a Frenchman who commited suicide by hanging himself from the balcony. I have no idea if that's true. If anyone can shed any light on that, please do.
In 1967 the club was owned by Jack Pie, a famous wrestler. He and brother, also a wrestler were their own bouncers. Only the foolish would cause any trouble.
Happy 2006.


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