Friday, December 09, 2005

Photo's from my other blog.

Since these images pertain to the Dolphin, I thought I would shift them over to the appropriate place.

This is Jimmy, Brian and me with crazy foam.
Remember that stuff?
Jimmy also made Brian's belt.
One day Brian came in limping. He had been horseriding on my girlfriend's horse.When he stepped down, the horse stood on his foot and would not move. He limped around for about three weeks. We used to rent horses and go ride on the beach. What an incredible feeling to gallop along through the waves as they splashed up on the sand.
Every afternoon during the summer, the three of us would go and play "pitch and putt". We found a different course every time. There must be hundreds of them between Fleetwood and Lytham. Those were really good times.

The next is me in the main entrance when I was about 18. I think I can remember this photo being taken. There was almost always a photographer there who walked around taking photo's of anyone willing to pay. After people had downed a few drinks he would get busier.
The "dressing room" was a little broom closet, right next to the side entrance.


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