Monday, December 05, 2005

The Seahorse Bar

The Seahorse was the small bar down the passage from the Dolphin. An intimate bar away from all the noise and excitement of the cabaret. This is Jimmy and I in the Seahorse. Probably 1965. This was before we officially formed the duo. I still have my Gibson Les Paul Junior which I eventually traded for the Gretsch.

We look mean don't we?
And those were very fancy shirts.
My guitar strap is made of horse brasses.They included King George V. Winston Churchill and John Peel. Very English. I still have it somewhere.
Jimmy did all the bead work on his strap, all the inlays on the neck of his guitar, and also carved the leather. A very talented lad!! Later on, he also made our shirts and waistcoats. Until next time..... Tally ho Ya'll.


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