Thursday, December 01, 2005

Philip and Jimmy in action. Circa 1966.

This is the Jimmy Rose Duo in action at the Dolphin Bar, sometime in 1966. If you can see my Gretsch, you'll notice a bunch of little dolls. These were the rage back then. They were called "Gonks". Some I bought, but most were given to me by girls in the audience.

Yesterday I was talking with my friend Pete Skinner in Blackpool. He remembers vividly, those days. Pete still Plays and he is at the Falcon in Hardhorn, Poulton, Near Blackpool, every wednesday night with wife Eileen and son Simon. I had the pleasure of joining them in 2001 for a great folk music night. Keep up the good work Pete.


Blogger Clansfolk said...

Hi Phil,

Ahhhhhhhh The days at The Dolphin Bar, Queens et al bring back many happy memories. Sunday lunch playing with The Paragon Banjo Band then back to our place for a jam session then back in the evenings (chicken in a basket)and "No Denims" Young Jimmy, now back playing Skiffle in The Ratcatchers. So much water under the bridge, but a lot of good music and good times. Still going strong over here in the Fylde and making Lots of music hopefully you'll come and join us again soon?

Take care 'cause we care,
Pete, Eileen & Simon (Skinner) "clansfolk"

P.S. drop by to keep up with what's happening in the Fylde

7:30 PM  

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