Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Photo's of the old Dolphin Bar sight.

It really looks very different than I remember it but this is the new building on the promenade where the Dophin once stood. Progress I suppose..This photo was taken looking north towards Fleetwood. Not more than 50 yards to the left is the Irish Sea.
I can almost taste the salt just looking at these.

These photographs taken and sent courtesy of Pete Skinner of Clansfolk. That's the Penny Black Gig Mobile, illegally parked on the double yellows. What a fine choice in vehicles you have Pete. These pics were taken this very afternoon, wednesday.
Thank you for your contribution to the D.B. saga.


Blogger Clansfolk said...

A cold winter's evening in Cleveleys no less - glad you like the gig-mobile not bad them subarus? Re. illegal parking (just in case the boys in blue are watching) we have a disable badge (honest) - do you like the number plate? P 13 DUO (PB DUO - Penny Black Duo) clever eh?

Take Care - Pete

7:11 PM  

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