Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Last booking of the Country Pie.

The last booking of the Country Pie was on Whit Sunday 21st, May 1972. It was at the Red Lion in Brentford. I think The Red Lion is now a McDonalds. Oh Well...
On the 22nd I started at the Union Tavern, just up the road from the Chelsea Barracks. We were always full of soldiers rotating in and out of Northern Ireland. I even saw one of our regulars on guard at the Tower of London. I remained at the Tavern, and around London until the 18th, September when I went up to Keighley Variety Club in Yorkshire to do a week's cabaret for Bill Robinson. He of course, was previously the manager of the Dolphin Bar. The very next week I left for Luxemburg and on to the U.S.A. Apart from brief trips and tours, I've been here ever since.


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