Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dene Hunter of the Trackers

You may remember I wrote about Dene Hunter about 18 months ago. This week I was contacted by Roger Slee from New Zealand. Roger is also known as Dene Hunter. Yes he emigrated to N.Z. in the early sixties, did some recording and performed for several years before retiring from the music business. I remember the performances at the Queens Theatre (above the Dolphin Bar) quite vividly. Roger, glad to know you're happy and well. Please keep in touch and if you have any photo's you'd like to post here, please send them to me. . Thanks, Philip


Blogger Tony Williams said...

Hi Phil Thought I would add to your blog on the Dolphin and the Queens Ballroom.
While you and Jimmy were entertaining the crowds downstairs in the Dolphin, Dean Hunter and the Trackers were packing the dance floor upstairs. I was the guitar player. Robin Dalton played bass, Terry Pack rhythm guitar and Pete Boocock drums and of course Roger (Dean) was the lead singer and star arttraction. He was the first guy I knew who totally died his hair blonde, used hair spray, bought a proper stage suit (midnight shiny blue)and owned his own PA system. The girls loved him.
If I remember one of his big numbers was Jezabell.
We used to rehearse in his brothers garage in Cleveleys and his dad (Mr.10%)managed us.
He was also a big influence on Roger and really encouraged his career. After Roger left for New Zealand Terry Hall joined on lead vocals.
Another thing I never mentioned during our normal emails is that when they pulled down the building (Robinsons Demolition) I bought all the wood from the stage in The Queens Ballroom. It was really nice tongue and grooved mahogany.
I used it to build the floor in my studio at home. I often used to think who had walked and performed on those very boards. Some that come to mind were John Lee Hooker, Georgie Fame, The Rattles, Hermans Hermits, P J Proby,The Warriors (became YES) Danny Williams, Lulu, The Hollies, The Rocking Vicars, Merseybeats and sooo....... many more. Unfortunately a hige tree fell on the studio during a storm and I had to totally rebuild.
If Roger is reading this can he send me his email address as I have been contacted by a record collector in the US who would like to email him, and also Roger a big hi from your old guitar player.
Tony Williams

5:31 AM  
Blogger Philip John Brooks said...

Hi Tony, Nice to hear from you. Those were magical years. I remember the Queens Ballroom very well. People would come a hundred miles for a night out at the Dolphin or the ballroom. That was a long way on two lane winding roads. Didn't you also play with the tower band in Blackpool?
Hope to see you soon in Blackpool or Atlanta. Keep in touch, Philip.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Philip John Brooks said...

I must add that Tony also played bass with Stealers Wheel ( Stuck in the middle with you) and also Jethro Tull.

6:44 PM  

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