Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Old friends and aquaintances

This past week was an exciting week that included talking with Jimmy Rose, Bill Robinson, who was the manager of the Dolphin Bar, also a surprise e-mail from a lady in Canada who used to work at the Dolphin until she emigrated early in 1969. Everyone agreed that they were really good times.


Blogger PETER said...

Hi Phil, I first met you at 'THE NASHVILLE ROOMS ' . I was working under the name of 'THE KINGSTON TWO ' and we had auditioned for TED POULTON in Doncaster, and been given a 3 day engagement there. My name is Pete Mogridge and I was playing lead guitar on a '63 Strat ( which I still have ) . You were with Jimmy and Country Pie and you were so helpful to us. We were completely out of our depth. Ted had never booked duos into the place before but he thought we were exceptional ( hell ) I was so impressed with your playing and the use of the volume/ wah -wah pedal you used - was it a de armand
I had made one out of a volume pot - springs and bits of trawler twine ( orange polypropylene ) - primararily to try and get the pedal steel effects and the train whistles in 'Orange Blossom Special ' - worked great til the twine broke. You were working the'RED COW ' on the Sunday lunch and invited us along - then to your rehearsal in the 'Nashville Room ' in the afternoon - You were going to Germany and doing a Radio slot so you had a stop watch going for the timing. I learned a hell of a lot from those 3 days with you and Jimmy and it is nice to be able to say 'thank you' . I think we hit a common bond because I am an ex-trawlerman as well.I worked from Hull and Grimsby and Fleetwood in the early sixties - BOSTON SEAFOAM springs to mind somewhere here - also a brief spell with Johnny Kidd when I couldn't get a berth. You told me at that time that your dream was to go out to America to live. Iam delighted that you have realised the dream and become the renowned musician that you deserve to be. I still perform your version of 'Love Song Of the Waterfall '
with the falling cascades in the background. I did go on to do better things and form other bands , playing places like Batley variety and Wakefield Theatre Club - session work etc.
Hope you get to read this little diatribe - perhaps you mar reply - if not - Iknow you're a busy person - and I have retired.
My very best wishes to you
Pete Mogridge

4:28 PM  
Blogger Philip John Brooks said...

Hi Peter, It was nice to hear from you. Wow!! that was a very long time ago. Sad to say, Jimmy passed away last month. We had always kept in contact and I had visited with him many times. He had also been over here several times too. You played with Johnny Kidd? I'm impressed. Shaking all over was one of my favourite songs in the sixties.
I still have my Gretsch, but mostly play a nylon string guitar and still enjoying it all. You can get in touch with me through my website at www.philipjohnbrooks.com Thanks so much for writing, Philip.

8:26 PM  

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