Friday, December 08, 2006


In 1969 Jimmy and I did a summer season in Margate, Kent. It was at the Golden Garter Saloon. I remember staying up all night to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. At the end of the season I briefly moved back to Cleveleys, to my old address almost on the seafront. My bedroom was the little window right above the front door. I soon decided to move to London. I never went back to live in Cleveleys, so this is the last place I stayed. The guesthouse was owned by Mrs Heaton and was just two doors down from where I had lived with my parents. Mrs Heaton's daughter and son-in-law had a place in London so I went to live with them. This was in East Dulwich. While here, I heard The Beatles Abbey Rd. album for the first time. I think this year marked the big turning point in my life for I found a job with the Detroits Irish Showband and eventually, a recording contract with Philips Fontana..


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Blogger Inlanderlady said...

I have just been directed to this site, by my search for Jimmy Rose...I too worked as a cabaret act at the Dolphin Bar in 1963/4 and have been searching for old friends of that time for months! There he was! The Jimmy Rose that renovated an old pram for me when my baby was born...painting Roses all over it (Jimmy painted roses everywhere in those days) I was the Jackie part of Ricky & Jackie Day. Does anyone remember us? Are you there, Jimmy?

6:59 AM  
Blogger karen burns said...

Hi my mum used to work at the dolphin and spoke about it regularly with such happy memories , she is unfortunately no longer with us and as she spoke with such love about the place I thought It would be a happy part of her life to check out. Which brought me to ur blog, im not sure if a coincidence that you lived at a Mrs heaton guest house as my nan was a Mrs heat on and I believe owned a guest house on Victoria rd or weather there was more than 1 Mrs heaton?

4:43 PM  
Blogger Philip John Brooks said...

Karen, Mrs Heaton had two daughters, Linda and Elizabeth. I think there was only one Mrs Heaton on Victoria Rd.

6:55 PM  
Blogger karen burns said...

Thank you for confirming that. My mum was Linda (Lyn).

2:16 PM  

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