Thursday, November 29, 2007

Omnisound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Recently I have spent a lot of my time writing new songs and have a bunch completed. My next recording project will occur during the first part of January, 2008. I will be going to Omnisound studios in Nashville, Tennesse to record my second album of southwest songs. All this is very exciting because I have had one of my recordings (The St. James hotel) included in a compilation CD released on the 13th, November, 2007 on Revolution Records in Taos, New Mexico. The album title is "Songs of New Mexico"
The project after this will be a beach music album that will include songs of Savannah and Hilton Head, South Carolina.
While all this writing has been going on I have completed about six songs that will, sometime in the future make up part of a new English folk album.
I wish all my friends in England a great holiday season and hope to see you sometime in the new year.