Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vox Conqueror amplifier

This was taken in 1968 on the stage of the Dolphin Bar. Not long before, our equipment had been stolen in Sunderland, Co. Durham. My Vox AC.30 was among the articles missing. Jimmy and I drove down to Leeds in Yorkshire to replace it. I had been unable to find another AC.30 (I believe they stopped making them for a while) so I replaced it with this solid state Conqueror. It helped to form the sound of the Country Pie and although it was quite good, I've missed my old amp right up to the present time. In 1972 as I was leaving England, I sold the Conqueror to David Cox, a friend of mine from Hayes, Middlesex. When I first moved to the United States I used a Fender twin. It was a great amp but I'm very pleased to once more own a Vox.
You can see the corner of the Hammond organ behind me. Tommy Bates was the very accomplished player of that instrument.