Thursday, March 16, 2006

Idle Working Men's Club

Jimmy and I were very popular with the visitors from Yorkshire who would come to the Dolphin Bar on daytrips. It was only natural that we would go and visit them.
This is my favourite club name. Idle is a small place right next to Bradford and we always had a great time. After we had finished playing, we always went to the house of our friend David and listened to his collection of 78's. I remember "The river of no return" and "The wheel of fortune". If you click on the photo it should get larger.
I just came across this poster. Amazing how I keep such fragile things for 38 years.
At some point I had written 1968 on it. I sometimes wonder what happened to all the entertainers I once knew. Maybe someone out there knows.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

London 1971.

This photo was taken in our friend Joan's flat in
Barnes, London. Joan was an assistant to the producer for the B.B.C. and managed to take us to see Andre Previn in rehearsal and show us the "Z-cars" set. She also worked on "All Creatures great and small" and "Doctor Who" just to name a few. I also saw my first synthesizer there. It was a monster in size and filled a large room. Jimmy and I had just recently recorded the Country Pie album "By Request". I believe that to be one of the very first albums recorded on "Philips" brand new 8-track machine at the Marble Arch Studio. Arthur Frewen was the producer. Gordon Loughton played bass and Tony Halligan was on drums. That was the Country Pie's lineup for most of it's existence.